More Pills Please


The New York Times reported yesterday that a steadily rising number of American families are using “multiple psychotropic drugs — stimulants, antipsychotics, antidepressants and others — to temper their children’s troublesome… Read more

Grandparents are Positively Wonderful!


Grandparents today are younger, hipper and more involved than ever before. I’ve heard people say “well these aren’t your grandparents’ grandparents”. Today there are 70 million grandparents in the nation… Read more

Kristin Carella – Illustrator


Kristin Carella, illustrator of Ned & Rosco is a freelance illustrator.  She currently resides in Queens, New York but is planning a move to Austin, Texas. Kristin graduated from the… Read more

Introversion-Extroversion is a Continuum


The distinction between introversion and extroversion is a continuum and not a dichotomy.  If only it were as simple as dividing the class in half and putting the turtles into… Read more

Parenting an Introverted (Turtle) Child


I would like to share some tips that I think extroverted parents (like me) should know when raising an introverted child (like my daughter)!   Understand the personality traits of… Read more